UPDATED at Gallery Zozimus

An exciting new exhibition comes to Gallery Zozimus this month. UPDATED showcases the work of two ceramic artists, Mary Conroy and Kate O’Kelly, who came together during a residency program at Limerick School of Art and Design. The work adapts digital tools for ceramics process.

Prior to the residency, both artists completed a Digital Fabrication – Design and Manufacture course at the Limerick FabLab. This experience directly informed the research the artists undertook during their time working in the LSAD ceramics department.

The work differs both visually and conceptually as Mary and Kate began from different starting points, however, there is an overlap within the making process that brings these two artists together. Both use digital fabrication processes as a tool in the production of ceramic work. These are used alongside traditional techniques such as mold making and slip casting to produce unique and contemporary ceramic objects.

“Hands on making skills are still invaluable to us as artists, but we are curious about these new tools and are exploring their uses and influences as an aid in design and production process,” said Mary Conroy. “A comprehensive understanding of clay as a material combined with traditional skills are essential in producing this work”.

Kate O’Kelly says that the use of these digital tools has allowed her to approach her art in new and interesting ways.

“Fundamental to my practice is exploration of form through casting techniques,” she said.

“I am continuously looking for ways to realise and produce unique shapes that display the fluidity of the making process. Digital tools and programs have allowed me to generate a new way of making using the industrial technique of extruding, combined with precision laser cut dies and slip casting. Winding, sinuous columns sweep through the dies, before being sliced at varying angles. Sections of these columns are then used as models to produce slip cast vessels. The Cloud Collection series,  captures the motion and fluidity of the material during the making process.  As a collection they individually display contrast and form.”

This fascinating exhibition by two incredible artists runs for most of this month, opening on 7 September and running until 30 September.


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