Travel Ireland Magazine’s September Theatre Guide

Mermaid Arts Centre

Defending the Caveman by Rob Becker

Have you ever wondered why men can’t multitask, or why women can’t change a tyre? Wonder no more as the longest running one-person show in Broadway and Las Vegas history is here to challenge and demystify the differences between the sexes. Starring stand-up comedian Tom O’Mahony, the Oliver Award winning show, Defending the Caveman has won the hearts of millions across the globe and now tours Ireland for the first time.

Dates: Sep 27

Tel: 01 272 4030 or visit

Also at the Mermaid Arts Centre this month: What I (Don’t) Know About Autism Sep 6, Pasolini’s Salò Redubbed Sep 13

Bord Gáis Energy Theatre

Angela’s Ashes The Musical

As his parents struggle to provide for him and his brothers in 1940’s Ireland, we follow young Frank’s escapades and experiences in a Dickensian landscape populated by a drunken father, a helpless mother, pompous priests, bullying schoolmasters, money-lenders and dancing-teachers. Based on the Pulitzer prize-winning memoir from Frank McCourt, Angela’s Ashes is brought to the stage featuring unforgettable songs and melodies.

Dates: Sep 9 – 14

Tel: 01 677 7999 or visit 

Also at the Bord Gais this month: Grease Sep 17 – 28, Cabaret Oct 1 – 5

The Abbey Theatre

This Beautiful Village by Lisa Tierney-Keogh

On a quiet street in leafy, suburban Dublin, local residents meet about a piece of graffiti. Who did it? What does it mean? And what’s to be done about it? The Abbey say This Beautiful Village is a razor-sharp new play that exposes every side of what it means to co-exist in Ireland today. Set over one night, six people will confront their pride, prejudice and privilege.

Dates: Sep 2 – 14

Tel: 01 887 2200 or visit

Also at the Abbey this month: Black Jam Sep 7, Champions of Dance Sep 7 – 14, Notions Eleven Sep 7 – 14, Collapsible Sep 17 – 21, On Ice Sep 18 – 21, Last Orders at the Dockside Sep 23 – Oct 26, Pasolini’s Salò Redubbed Sep 26 – Oct 5

The Gate Theatre

Beckett’s Room

A play without performers, Beckett’s Room tells the story of the apartment in Paris where Samuel Beckett lived with his partner Suzanne during WWII. A story of art and resistance, the audience listen through headphones and gaze upon a spectacle of absence. This lack of bodies on stage focuses viewers more intently on their stories, on the world changing around us, and changed by us. From the makers of LIPPYChekhov’s First Play and Hamnet, this is the biography of a room, and an invitation to bear witness to a world as it disappears.

Dates: Sep 19 – 28

Tel 01 874 4045 or visit 

Also at the Gate this month: Incantata Sep 4 – 14, Faultline Sep 26 – Dec 1

The Olympia Theatre

Crowman by Katie Holly

Jon Kenny (d’Unbelievables, Father Ted) plays numerous characters but primarily Dan, a man in his 50s who is living alone. He feels himself an outsider looking in on the community. When he hears about the passing of a dear friend, he is forced to look back on his own troubled youth and face up to his demons.

Dates: Sep 4 – 7

Tel: 01 679 3323 or visit

The Gaiety Theatre

The Miami Showband Story

The Miami Showband Story (pictured) is a new stage musical about the iconic act once hailed as ‘the Irish Beatles’. The group’s hay day was in the 60’s and 70’s where they entertained both Catholics and Protestants throughout all of Ireland. However, in 1975 tragedy befell The Miami Showband as they were attacked by loyalist paramilitaries travelling home from a concert. Three members of the group were murdered.

The musical will deal with the killings of 1975. However, surviving band mate and sax player Des Lee told Travel Ireland the show will put a greater emphasis on the joy the Miami Showband brought to audiences of the time. “We didn’t want the play to be leaning heavily on the massacre,” says Lee. “Instead, we wanted it to explore what the Miami Showband was all about – how successful they were and what they meant to their fans. They were heroes of the time. This is a show that will bring smiles, laughter, tears and joy. It’s got everything. I can envisage people hearing ‘Clap Your Hands and Stomp Your Feet’ and dancing in the isles.”

Dates: Sep 17 – 21

Tel: 0818 719 388 or visit

Also at the Gaiety this month: Riverdance Jun 11 – Sep 15, The Playboy of the Western World Sep 25 – Oct 5

Smock Alley Theatre

Dreamgun Film Reads Strikes Back

After their sell-out, award-winning and critically acclaimed run last year, Dreamgun strike back with a whole new line-up of film reads for you to binge. Expect classic film scripts, rewritten with jokes and nonsense, read by unprepared comedians.

Dates: Sep 17 – 21

Tel 01 677 0014 or visit

Also at Smock Alley this month: Ordinary Days Sep 5 – 7, Moop Sep 7 – 22, Symphony of Worms Sep 9 – 15, LIVE Feed Sep 10 – 15, Sink Sep 10 – 15, Nine Weeks Sep 10 – 15, Birthright Sep 13 – 15, Afloat Sep 17 – 22, Vespertilio Sep 17 – 22, Minefield Sep 17 – 22, GirlPlay Sep 17 – 22, Starlet Sep 17 – 22, 48 Sep 24 – 28

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