The Immigrants at Gallery Zozimus

Finn Campbell-Notman brings his exciting new exhibition ‘The Immigrants’ to Gallery Zozimus this month. Running from 12 to 28 October, ‘The Immigrants’ features a series of paintings of the birds of Andalusia, painted between November 2014 and July 2016.

The works in this series are the result of both Finn’s lifelong interest in the subject, the close study of historical depictions and over ten years of acquaintance with the region. The paintings

place the birds of the area in the locations and landscapes in which Finn has observed them and they are infused with the light, the character and the atmosphere of Andalusia and convey a true sense of place and the birds place within it.

The tradition of depicting birds in art is of course as old as visual culture itself chiefly because birds have always been considered emblematic of the ephemeral and transitory nature

of life. It is for this reason that they continue to be the object of a gentle obsession for many.

Andalusia’s extraordinarily varied climate and topography is home to a spectacular variety of birdlife. It’s geographical location means that it is also a place where migratory species are in constant passage from Africa to the north of Europe and vice versa. It is thus a place of global importance and a measure of the health of many bird species populations.

Finn Campbell-Notman has had a rich and varied career. Born into a family of artists and was raised around the Norfolk Broads while living on a 19th century touring boat with step-father, the landscape painter Peter Bearman. During his formative years, Andrew Lees (a founder of Friends of The Earth), a family friend was leading a campaign in the area to protect the unique and unspoiled Norfolk Broads habitat: he inculcated in Finn the viewpoint that nature, the environment and the threats to both from bad industrial and agricultural practices was of the utmost importance, stirring his lifelong interest in nature. As well as art, Finn also pursued a career in music which resulted in his moving to the U.S.A and founding Imperial Dub Recordings. He has also been involved in music production, design, marketing and administration, A&R and tours extensively throughout North America and Mexico, as well as being one of the co-founders one of the earliest internet radio stations.

Now he brings his latest incredible show to Dublin, where visitors to Gallery Zozimus can marvel at the beauty and diversity of the birds of Andalusia.


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