Temple Bar Gallery + Studios Announces 3 Significant Opportunities For Artists

Temple Bar Gallery + Studios is inviting artists to apply for the open calls of three opportunities its running.

One of these is the already established ‘Three Year Membership Studios’ award. The other two are the new ‘Six Year Membership Studios’ award and the ‘Temple Bar Gallery + Studios and International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP) New York Residency’ award.

The ‘Six Year Membership Studios’ award is designed to give a significant period of time in Temple Bar Gallery + Studios to two established artists. Successful applicants will have exceptional track records in active practices. They should also demonstrate a real and present need for longer term subsidised studio space.

The ‘Three Year Membership Studios’ awards are generally given to mid-career artists who have an established, professional art practice. Four separate ‘Three Year Membership Studio’ places will be awarded during this round of applications. Eligible artists can apply for both Six Year and Three Year Membership Awards.

The ‘Temple Bar Gallery + Studios and ISCP New York Residency’ award is a fully funded three-month residency. It includes living and materials stipends for visual artists. The gallery are accepting applications from Irish visual artists worldwide who would like to engage with the Brooklyn-based ISCP’s unique, dynamic programming and creative community.

The gallery say an ISCP residency has often led to critical advancement of its artists and curators. The residency will take place from October to December 2019.

Temple Bar Gallery + Studios provides high-quality and affordable studios to professional artists, giving them a space to work in Dublin City Centre. These artists range from recent graduates to internationally recognised professionals.

In addition to the Six Year and Three Year Membership Awards, the gallery will hold open calls for Recent Graduate Residencies and Project Studios later this year.

The deadline for the above three awards is Friday, 17 May 2019 at 5pm. Visit here for guidelines on how to apply.

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