A Statue for Bill Clinton at the O’Reilly Theatre

Bill Clinton has said that his favourite golf course in the world is Ballybunion in Co. Kerry. It’s no surprise that the former President has an affection for the coastal town as it is here that the only statue of Clinton is located. Now a hilarious new play, A Statue for Bill Clinton – which runs from 29 July to 13 August in the O’Reilly Theatre in Dublin – takes a comic look at the building of that statue.

Set in 1998 in the lead up to Bill Clinton’s visit to Ireland, the residents of Ballybunion hatch a cunning plan to unveil the world’s first statue to the Leader of the free world during his visit to The Kingdom. However, well publicised events in the Oval office with a certain intern have put his visit in jeopardy. As if this was not enough, something unexpected has happened to the statue, which may well affect events in Ballybunion as it awaits immortality on the world stage.

The play is written by Tom McEnery – an American with Irish roots whose rich and varied career has included a stint as the Mayor of San Jose among many other notable achievements. He says of the play: “This story concerns a man and his home. It is a love story about “that” home and the parallel one with his daughter. This town on the edge of the Atlantic is fighting for its self-respect and very survival. Here we enter a strange but familiar place where things are not always as they seem. As in all such stories, there is real humor to many of the characters and incidents. Into this mix arrives President Bill Clinton and the events swirling around the peace process and his own impeachment. Almost each and every major event is just as it actually happened on that day and the events leading up to it.  This play tells the story of how through a visit and a statue, the town works for salvation.”

A stellar cast and crew will present this story. The play is directed by Paul Meade. He is the Artistic Director of award-winning theatre company Gúna Nua. For Gúna Nua Paul has directed as host of plays, including Begotten Not Made, which won the Jim McNaughton/Business to Arts Bursary and received a radio production on RTE. The cast includes John Olohan, Damien Devaney, Joan Sheehy, Mark Fitzgerald and Liz Fitzgibbon, all of whom have a wealth of theatre credits to their name and will bring this startling and witty tale to life.

The old saying goes that “fact is stranger than fiction” but in this case fact is also funnier than fiction and A Statue to Bill Clinton takes a hilarious look at this quirky and uniquely Irish story. Tickets for A Statue for Bill Clinton start from €25 and are available from www.takeyourseats.ie.


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