The Snow Queen at Smock Alley Theatre

Smock Alley Theatre present a brilliant new take on Hans Christian Andersen’s classic tale, The Snow Queen, this Christmas. Running from 5 to 23 December, with Saturday afternoon matinees, this imaginative new spin on an old favourite is sure to be a hit with young and old alike.

Set in the year 2116 when planet Earth is 99.9% water following a seismic event known as ‘The Great Melting’. This saw the Earth’s temperature suddenly rise and the Arctic disappear. Since then, there has been not a single flake of snow or solitary cube of ice and the idea of Christmas is no more. Small towns still exist scattered around the globe, although they are heavily fortified, nobody ever leaves and people are deeply distrustful of people from other places because their clothes are weird and they smell a bit different.

In one of these towns live two geeky best friends – a young girl called Gerda and a young boy called Kay. Gerda is a slightly insufferable, know-it-all who has read the entire internet, while Kay is the quiet, bumbling bookish type. In fact, Kay is the only person Gerda has ever met who still reads books.

Kay is obsessed with the idea of snow, ice, and most of all, of Christmas but Gerda dismisses his ludicrous notions. After all, everyone knows that Christmas was a horrible time when people were terribly mean and stole things from each other and everyone is generally much better off without it. ‘The Government told us that’, she assures Kay, and the Government have never, ever lied.

One day, Kay finds an old book called ‘The Snow Queen’ on a dusty shelf of a dusty library. Knowing that it is forbidden for youngsters to read such things, he smuggles the book home and that night he opens it. A smattering of some strange white frozen stuff falls outside his window and he sees a vision of a beautiful woman made entirely, it seems, of ice. The next morning, he is gone, with the townspeople assuming that he has been eaten by a killer whale, although Gerda isn’t willing to give up quite so easily. What follows is a magical adventure as Gerda attempts to rescue Kay from the Snow Queen.

This stunning production is sure to enrapture children and adults alike, blending elements of modernity with a timeless story to conjure up a wondrous theatrical experience. What’s more, theatre goers can enjoy a special dinner and a show on selected nights. For just €30 for adults and €25 for children (which includes a ticket to the show), you can enjoy a delicious festive, seasonal meal in the theatre before heading in to see the performance later that evening. That’s a pretty special deal for what is sure to be a very special Christmas experience as The Snow Queen receives a makeover and prepares to enchant a new generation of fans at Smock Alley this year.

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