Irish Official Calls For Selfie Seats At Tourist Hot Spots

Junior Health Minister Jim Daly revealed that Irish officials are ‘looking into’ installing ‘selfie phone seats’ around the coast in order for tourists to take stable self-portraits.

Daly was speaking to The Southern Star when he revealed the plans. According to the politician, the benefits of selfie seats are two-fold in that they would make it easier to tourists to take photos of themselves and serve as an innovative marketing tool.

In the West Cork weekly newspaper, Daly is quoted as saying: “‘Families and individuals love taking photographs of themselves in areas of natural beauty. But often it is almost impossible to find a steady location or to know where the best shot is. Tourists, being time sensitive, like to know where to go and what to do. They also like clear shots rather than grainy images on their social media and Instagram.’

He said too that selfies serve as one of the most innovative marketing tools to showcase Ireland’s unique landscapes abroad: “When it comes to tourism, informal marketing and word of mouth are as vital as more conventional marketing tools. The selfie has replaced the much-feared collection of slides as the swiftest way of conveying an image of beauty.”

Daly said the seats would be unobtrusive, light on costs and ‘may well be operated as a pilot in well-known tourist spots like Cork and Kerry.’

Read the full report in The Southern Star here.

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