WATCH: Saoirse Ronan Attends Dublin Q&A For Mary Queen of Scots

Saoirse Ronan wants to play powerful Irish female icons Constance Markievicz and Queen Maeve, the Oscar nominated actress revealed today while speaking at a Q&A at Google HQ in Dublin.

Ronan was interviewed by Contributing Editor to Vogue UK Sinéad Burke to promote her upcoming film Mary Queen of Scots out January 18. She stars as Mary Stuart, the Scottish Queen who attempted to overthrow her cousin Elizabeth I (Margot Robbie) in order to rule England.

Travel Ireland Magazine can confirm the talk was engaging, touching upon femininity and feminism, fashion, current trends in cinema, while wrapping up with a list of TV recommendations from the young Irish star.  It began with a discussion of Ronan’s new film, where the actress explained how the authentic costumes within the drama made it difficult to move but ultimately helped her performance.

“We couldn’t sit on chairs that had backs to them. So we had these little swivel stools where we had to lift our skirts and squat over them and drop to sit. We did that for months,” Ronan said before adding: “There was something about having those restrictions that helped. When you learn to navigate and find your groove in the costumes, it helped settle into the character.”

The topic then moved to what advice Ronan would give people interested in pursuing a career in the entertainment industry: “All It takes is one person to believe in you.  Then once you start working focus, love what you do and have a really good work ethic. Surround yourself with great people that will actually challenge you and make you work harder.”

Ronan then answered questions from fans online and in the audience. When asked what sequel or remake she would like to appear in, she replied: “I would pay to be in a sequel to Bridesmaids,” commenting that it would reunite her with Chris O’Dowd – her co-star in The Clinic.

This question was then followed up with what person she would like to play in a future film: “I really think they need to make a film about Countess Markievicz or Queen Maeve,” joking after: “Someone Irish so I can use my own accent.”

The full Q&A was live streamed and can be watched on Youtube here. See it to hear details on Ronan’s upcoming movies Ammonite and Little Women, how she drew on personal experience to play Mary Stuart and what she is currently loving on TV.

Ronan will appear on RTE’s Late Late Show tonight.

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