Ross O’Carroll-Kelly, Postcards from the Ledge


Ross O’Carroll-Kelly returns to the Gaiety stage to take his rightful place in the spotlight in his own one-man show. Audiences will be transported to the year 2029 where Ireland is in the midst of an economic boom and Ross is about to turn 50.  Life could not be better for Ross. His wife, Sorcha, is the Taoiseach. His triplet boys are the backbone of the Castlerock College Junior Cup team. And he still does alright with the ladies.

As the Managing Director of Hook, Lyon and Sinker estate agents, he spends most of the day with his feet up. But when a client rings and asks someone to put a valuation on 22 Glenageary Glen, a semi-detached house in Sallynoggin, Ross decides to do the job himself. The reason being that he recognizes the address as his childhood home.

As he stands in the doorway of the run-down, council-built house, the sediment of old memories is stirred up. And he takes us on a journey of remembrance, through happy times and sad times, laughter and tears, until he realizes that the job of putting a price on the house – and its treasure of memories – is impossible. Because it’s priceless.

Directed by Irish Times Theatre Award winner Jimmy Fay, the show stars the award-winning actor Rory Nolan, who has played Ross since his stage incarnation over the past decade. Postcards from the Ledge is the fourth Ross O’Carroll-Kelly stage play.

Paul Howard’s character Ross O’Carroll-Kelly started life in a newspaper column almost twenty years ago. He has since become the star of a critically acclaimed series of books that satirised Ireland during the years of its economic boom and bust and have sold well over one million copies in Ireland alone.

Announcing the production, Paul Howard said:

‘I can’t believe it’s ten years since we entered the rehearsal room for the very first Ross O’Carroll-Kelly play, The Last Days of the Celtic Tiger. Being involved with Anne Clarke and Landmark Productions in the process of bringing Ross to the stage has been one of the greatest joys of my career as a writer.


I’m really looking forward to working again with Rory Nolan, one of the finest actors of his generation, who first breathed life into the character all those years ago. And I’m delighted that we’ll be working with Jimmy Fay, the extraordinarily talented director, who has lent his magic touch to all three Ross plays so far.

‘I’m especially excited that this will be a one-man play and that the Rossmeister General will have the audience all to himself. He has quite a few things to get off his chest!’

Ross O’Carroll-Kelly himself declared:

‘Having been consistently overlooked by Warren Gatland, first as coach of Ireland, and still as coach of the Lions, it’s nice to be finally given a stage big enough for my talents. And this time I’m going to be the centre of attention!’

Rory Nolan said:

‘I’m utterly delighted to be back with both Ross and Paul, two of our finest men who’ve both been toying with my head and entertaining my life for the last ten years.  I can’t wait for everyone to see it.’

This one-man show will run for 19 performances only from October 25th to November 11th at The Gaiety Theatre.

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