Reeling in the Years by Cynthia Moran-Killeavy at Gallery Zozimus

Sculptor Cynthia Moran-Killeavy has packed an awful lot into her 86 years and she’s still going strong and working on new material. She will bring some of those new works, along with some of her past gems to a new exhibition at Gallery Zozimus – Reeling in the Years. These outstanding bronze, stone and wood sculptures traverse Moran-Killeavy’s rich and varied career, which has taken her from Ireland, to London, to Spain and back to Ireland again.

Born in County Kildare, Moran-Killeavy, comes from an artistic family. Her late sister is the painter Frances Bunch Moran. Cynthia attended evening classes at the National College of Art in Dublin before moving to London in the 1950s to study sculpture at St Martin’s College of Art. Following a family bereavement, she moved to Spain in 1964. Initially an English teacher in Madrid, she couldn’t ignore the call of art and she soon completed a degree in Interior Design, followed by two further degrees in Wood Carving and Stone Carving before interning with the stone sculptors Enrique Cabilo and Rafial Mortol. She then set up her own studio, concentrating on her bronze and stone work.

As her reputation grew, she was invited to speak at symposia in Portugal, Spain and Ireland and became associated with Jackie McKenna and Seamus Dunbar, the founders of The Sculpture Centre in Manorhamilton, Co. Leitrim. She has had a number of large public commissions in Spain and Portugal – such as the stone sculpture in Picasso Park in Salamanca and a marble sculpture in Borba, Portugal.

In Ireland, she had a sculpture commissioned by the Minister of the Gaeltacht and the Islands, which now stands on Mespil Road in Dublin. She was also commissioned by the owners of St Mary’s Church in Dublin (which is now a popular bar and restaurant) to create a sculpture to commemorate the wedding of Arthur Guinness, who married in the church in 1761.

Even now, Cynthia Moran-Killeavy is still producing exciting new work and her exhibition in Gallery Zozimus promises a fascinating journey through her career, along with some exciting new pieces. Reeling in the Years opens on 17 November and will run until 5 December.

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