Night at the Museum at the Ulster Museum

Have you ever dreamed about what cinema would look like if it came to life? A new company based in Northern Ireland, Moving Pictures, is aiming to make that dream come to life.

The company has a number of events planned over the next few months, ranging from events for adults including Northern Ireland’s first “secret screening” (a cinema themed event based at an undisclosed location to be revealed just a few days before the event begins), to a Hollywood themed murder mystery, through to an event coming up on the 9 December, their “Night at the Museum”, based at the Ulster Museum.

Aimed at children between 7 and 11 and an uncle, aunt, mother, father or older brother or sister over 18 accompanying them, Moving Pictures invite us to ask what happens in the Ulster Museum at night. Is it just an ordinary Museum? Or is something more going on?

The night is billed to begin with a 45 minute tour focusing upon the great treasures of the Museum, curated by the Museum’s madcap (and mercifully fictional) curator Professor “Betram Bigglebottom”, including an artefact recently introduced to the Museum, the golden tablet of the lady Takabuti, rumoured by those prone to idle superstition to have a “hidden power”. 

At 9.15pm, the Night at the Museum film will be shown in the Museum’s cinema theatre. Then, when the film ends, the clock strikes eleven, and the lights go out, Moving Pictures ask us to think about what might happen if, maybe, just maybe, the Museum came to life…

The event starts at 7.30pm on Friday 9 December 2016 and ends 12.30am on Saturday 10 December 2016, for those not staying for the night, or 9am on Saturday for those staying over.

Whilst the event is being organised by Moving Pictures at the Ulster Museum, it is not an Ulster Museum event, and those looking for further information, are invited to post via Facebook –, or contact Moving Pictures via [email protected].

Tickets can be purchased via Ticket Tailor, but hurry, there are only 10% left!   

And remember – bring your torch. And prepare for the unexpected…

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