Music for Galway Midwinter Festival

Throughout the history of music, there have been a number of child prodigies who have captured the imagination. These precociously talented young people have pushed the boundaries and amazed people with their talent at such a young age. The fascinating world of music prodigy will be the theme of this year’s Music for Galway Midwinter Festival, which runs from 20 to 22 January at the Town Hall Theatre.

Music for Galway is the supreme platform for excellence in international classical music performance in Galway and the West of Ireland. It offers a diverse and stimulating seasonal programme, from solo recitals to chamber music performances, operatic productions and orchestral galas all year round. For this year’s Midwinter Festival, Musical Director Finghin Collins looking forward to delving into this interesting theme.

“The exceptional talents of child prodigies have astounded us for centuries and our Midwinter Festival Prodigy is an ideal format in which to explore their work,” he says. “I have created a programme  featuring composers whose works I feel are exemplary and inspirational. My wish is that their music connects with our audiences and that people have fun and enjoy the festival.”

The weekend consists of chamber and vocal works composed by child and teenage composers, from Mozart and Mendelssohn to Glazunov and Prokofiev. All works in the Midwinter Festival Prodigy have been written before or by the age of eighteen, and encompass an amazing range of music across the Classical, Romantic and Twentieth Century periods. Artists performing over the weekend include Irish soprano, Anna Devin, Swiss pianist Christian Chamorel and the Irish-based string quartets, ConTempo and Esposito. There will also be a current child prodigy in attendance.

Eleven year old Alma Deutscher, whose mother is Irish, will make her Irish debut at the festival. She has been acclaimed as one of most exciting young composers around at the moment and also performs many of her works on multiple instruments. We don’t know about you, but we certainly weren’t all that accomplished at that age!

This tour through the prodigies of yesterday right up to the present day is a must for music lovers of all hues. Music for Galway have come up trumps once again with a fantastic line-up and a fascinating theme to explore – musical prodigies – who disprove the adage that youth is wasted on the young.


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