Mobile phones make children feel ignored on holiday

A new study has found that almost half of children feel ignored by their parents when on holiday.

As peak holiday season fast approaches, a new study by villa holidays specialist has uncovered a shocking statistic regarding how many children say their parents spend too much time glued to their mobiles and how it makes them feel.

Oliver’s Travels polled over 400 families across the UK to lift the lid on Britain’s holiday habits. When they polled parents to ask their children “Does mummy or daddy use their phone too much when on holiday?” an enormous 40% said yes. Asked how this makes them feel, over 42% said they feel ignored.

When parents were asked if their children complain about their mobile phone usage on holiday, over 51% of parents said No. However, when Oliver’s Travels asked parents “how do you feel about using social media on holiday”, 40% of parents responded with “no problem” yet over 20% said they “absolutely hate it” on holiday.

Oliver Bell from said: “It’s a fairly disappointing set of results to uncover during our family survey. It seems these days we all spend our working lives in front of some sort of device; to then go away and use a mobile phone so much that 42% of children are feeling ignored, that’s sad. Holidays are where memories can be made for a lifetime and it’s unfortunate to think this special time is being lost to the pursuit of likes, shares and other type of digital engagement”

Oliver’s Travels also caught up with a selection of families for a video to ask whole families about their guilty pleasures and naughty antics on holiday. You can view the video below.

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