Light Up Your Life With the Luminous Void Experimental Film Festival

Experimental Film Society will present the first edition of the Luminous Void Experimental Film Festival in partnership with The New Theatre from November 30 – December 1.

This two-day event, taking place in Dublin’s Temple Bar, will showcase recent work by filmmakers associated with the society. Four movies will be screened, each accompanied by a Q&A while filmmaker and critic Maximilian Le Cain will deliver an artist’s talk that will use his recent work as a springboard to explore wider ideas about the moving image in the current historical moment.

Experimental Film Society (EFS) is an Irish company dedicated to the production and distribution of experimental cinema. The society say it creates radical, visually intense films that are distinguished by an uncompromising devotion to personal, formally daring filmmaking. The festival is Ireland’s only wholly dedicated to experimental cinema.

Opening film Inside is the first feature to have emerged from the longstanding filmmaking collaboration between Vicky Langan and Maximilian Le Cain. It excavates the sensations, desires and elusive chimeras of one woman’s inner life. Also on November 30 is Michael Higgins’ Drifting Cities, showing two actors playing two lovers before meeting death in a car crash.

December 1 is Electric Dust, leading figure in Irish experimental film Maximilian Le Cain’s artist talk. This lecture will focus on his recently completed, 6-hour “anti-epic” Scorpion’s Stone and will explore the concept of cinema as a personal archive.

Kino Hospital will screen, described as a visually dazzling meltdown of a sci-fi thriller, an assault on narrative, genre and the sensorium by EFS filmmaker Jann Clavadetscher. It explores the consequences of a handful of scientists getting scattered around the globe after a failed experiment in the laboratories of the titular hospital.

Sisyphus Condition, depicting a man living on a remote rocky island where only stone and ocean surrounds him, who seems to do some meaningful task. He is carrying stones, sometimes burying them and sleeping on them. He continues doing the same tasks, never revealing to the viewer the reason for his work. This Super-8 film by Ieva Balode features frequent EFS collaborator Cillian Roche in the leading role.

Tickets for the films are available to purchase here. A full festival pass costs €20.

Visit the event’s Facebook page for updates.

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