JN Wine Teach Dubliners To Be Connoisseurs

Wine company JN Wine are launching a new JN Academy to teach blossoming oenophiles and journeyed down to Dublin’s Olesya’s Wine Bar to promote the service.

Taking place last night (June 5), the event saw patrons being served samples of the delicious selection JN are currently importing into Ireland. Guests also received a hands-on lesson on food and wine pairing and were taught other interesting facts about whites and reds.

Speaking to Travel Ireland, JN’s Fine Wine Manager and holder of the prestigious Master of Wine title Jane Boyce said: “We have had a company down here for 20 years but are still perceived as Northern because it started up there. When we have events in Dublin, we don’t seem to be as well known.”

Jane Boyce

“However, every wine that we import is on an all-Ireland exclusivity basis. That means for those wines, we are the exclusive agents in the whole of Ireland. We want to redress the balance and become better known down here. That way, these wines have as good an audience here as in the North.”

The evening began with attendees getting a chance to try JN’s own sparkling wine – JN Sparkling NV. Made especially for the wine merchants by Bouvet-Ladubay, the second oldest producer of sparkling wine in Saumur in France, it’s deliciously crisp taste is perfect for an aperitif.

Guests then tried two more white wines JN import – the Portuguese Quinta Soalheiro Allo and the South African Rustenberg Chardonnay. These were served with smoked salmon – giving attendees the chance to learn that richer, heavier wines go best with richer heavier meals. That said, speaking at the event, Boyce emphasised that wines can be served with any food.

“None of us in the wine business like people getting too pretentious. You see these French websites that say ‘this bottle will be perfect with foie gras.’ You think I’m not having that on a Tuesday night in Dublin. A lot of wines are perfect with fish and chips, pizza or shepherd’s pie. It’s just finding that match. If you get a wine that matches really well, it enhances both the wine and the food.”

Then patrons were given tasters of two of JN’s red wines – the German Villa Wolf Pino Noir and the Australian Hesketh Negroamaro – served with bread and Italian cured meats, pate and pesto. Meanwhile. JN’s instructors were teaching guests that the difference between white and red is not the colour of the grapes but whether or not the skin of the fruit is left on.

We also learned that while red wine is to be served at room temperature, often that is too warm in Ireland – accentuating the alcohol making the wines taste less fresh. Those in the past who decided on the perfect conditions for red wine lived in slightly colder climates.

JN ‘s Dublin Sales Executive Jonathan Tonge also discussed with Travel Ireland why his company gravitate to wines made in smaller, more grassroots vineyards. “For the big producers and brands, every part of the process is industrialised. It has to configure to a taste and chemical profile to be consistent.”

“But when you start stepping down to individual producers who might have only a couple of hectares, they are linked to the land. When good grapes from good vineyards are brought into the winery by the person whose grown and nurtured them, there’s an extra depth and personality. It also displays an extra care for local communities and the environment, something increasingly important.”

The JN Academy was established as statistics showed young people were drinking more wine than any previous generation. The service is designed for twenty-thirty somethings with the goal to help them understand wine more in depth without, as Boyce states, it ‘becoming intimidating’.

“On our website across the top, you’ll see JN Academy,” said the Fine Wine Manager. “After clicking on that and signing up at the bottom of the page, you can access videos about for instance, how to find out if a wine is corked, how to decant wine, why you decant wine – different things like that. There’s also long blogs that go into more detail. You can get as in depth as you like.”

To learn more about the JN Academy, follow this link. Meanwhile, JN’s products can be ordered and delivered to any part of Ireland.

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