Japanese Film Festival Arrives at Dublin’s Light House Cinema This Week

Ireland’s Japanese Film Festival 2019 (JFF 2019) has unveiled its line-up of films set to screen from April 11 – 14 at Dublin cinema The Light House in Smithfield.

Organisers say the event ‘will again feature a diverse and packed programme of films. This includes work of the most acclaimed filmmakers from contemporary Japanese cinema, and covers a variety of themes, genres and topics.’

One notable movie screening at the festival is One Cut for the Dead, a critically acclaimed comedy-zombie film. In an abandoned warehouse, a film crew is making a low-budget zombie film. The shoot is interrupted when real-life zombies show up and begin attacking the crew. The survivors find themselves fending off not only an undead horde but a psychotic director intent on capturing the chaos on camera. Reportedly, the film features a 37-minute opening single take.

Another highlight of JFF 2019 is drama Killing, the latest from cult writer-director Shinya Tsukamoto. Set during the tumultuous mid-19th century Edo period of Japan, a talented young samurai struggles to come to terms with the prospect of having to use his sword to kill someone when his village is rocked by violence.

Also screening is Of Love and Law, a documentary shining a spotlight on the only law firm in Japan set up by an openly gay couple. Given the laws and traditions of their nation, the lawyers attract clients with similar stories of marginalization.

On top of all this, the festival will screen Ten Years Japan, a sci-fi anthology telling five different stories about life in a near-future Japan, and anime Penguin Highway, about a young boy investigating the sudden appearance of penguins in his village.

These are just some of the movies set to screen at JFF 2019. For the full list of showings, more details and tickets, visit the Light House Cinema’s website here.

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