Inside Outside by Isobel Egan at Gallery Zozimus

Isobel Egan
Isobel Egan

Ever since reading The Poetics of Space by Gaston Bachelard as a child, artist Isobel Egan has been fascinated by the idea of architecture, space, and the interrelationships between us and the buildings we inhabit. These ideas are explored in her exciting new exhibition Inside Outside, which opens on 6 October in Gallery Zozimus on Francis Street in Dublin and runs until 24 October.

Isobel Egan graduated in 2005 with a Masters of Arts, Design, Ceramics from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin. Over the years, she has received many awards for her work including the Taylor Art Award from the Royal Dublin Society in 1999, the Golden Fleece Award (merit) in 2006 and the Visual Art Bursary Award. In 2006, she represented Ireland at the European Ceramics Context in Borholm, Denmark.

“I’ve always been inspired by architecture, walking into particular spaces, how they affect us as individuals, the idea of looking deeper into a piece,” she says of her latest exhibition. “I love playing with that idea in my work.”

Inside Outside is an exhibition of large-scale wall mounted installations and sculptures comprising of a series of geometric forms that create more complex structures. Working exclusively with porcelain, with its translucent and delicate paper-like nature, Isobel invites the viewer to look beyond the surface and discover more intimate spaces.

“I consider my work to be micro pieces of architecture,” she says. “They’re environments for nurturing the imagination and through my work, I express ideas about the fragility of life, our perception of space and memory.”

Isobel has been working with porcelain for over ten years and enjoys the challenges of using the material. It is also perfect for transmitting her ideas of space and imagination. “It’s translucent so as a material, it could have a little opening and it could actually look pitch black inside or you can create these different tones and shadows within a piece,” she says.

These different tones and shadows allow the viewer to gain different perspectives and gain an appreciation of space while firing the imagination. “The idea when I make a piece is to invite somebody to take a moment to contemplate,” she explains.

Isobel has also been selected for a commission through the joint Purchase Scheme for the National Collection of Contemporary Applied Art with the National Museum of Ireland and Design and Crafts Council of Ireland. This will go on permanent exhibition in The National Museum in Collins Barracks and was launched late last month.

This month sees the launch of her exciting exhibition at Gallery Zozimus and we can highly recommend a trip to see her thought provoking work. Inside Outside will be opened by Susan Zelouf, designer and owner of Zelouf & Bell and writer for The Gloss magazine at 6pm on 6 October.


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