Inchydoney in West Cork voted fifth best shoreline in the world

Inchydoney in West Cork is the fifth best shoreline in the world – and that’s a scientific fact.

Leading psychologist Dr David Holmes and influential travel blogger Laila Swann teamed up with Royal Caribbean International to scientifically prove which countries can lay claim to the world’s greatest shorelines.

Taking into account elements such as, Clarity of the Horizon, Sea Colour, Sand Quality, Cleanliness, Interesting Features, Air Quality and the Weather, they devised a scientific formula to definitively prove which shorelines were the best, with Dubai in the United Arab Emirates coming out on top.

Inchydoney came in fifth place, behind Blackpool, Gulf of Mexico barrier of Florida and Mississippi and Cape Cod National Seashore.

Twelve Apostles Victoria, Cape Town, Cavelossim Goa, Krabi in Thailand and Whitehaven Beach in Australia complete the top ten.

The iconic architecture in the Middle Eastern paradise of Dubai caused the destination to score highly with the Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab highlighted as its most interesting shoreline features; this, combined with its tropical desert climate and crystal clear seas, pushed it into the top spot.

“While this formula may not account for every eventuality, the top ten hopefully helps holidaymakers identify the shorelines which are, scientifically, most impactful,” said Dr Holmes.

“All countries have good and bad shorelines; however some are stunning in their unpretentious beauty combined with iconic features.

“Shorelines such as Dubai in UAE score well across all elements of the formula, whilst others such as Inchydoney in Ireland offer wonderful experiences with the added benefit of attracting smaller crowds.”

Inchydoney is a Blue Flag status beach with beautiful sea views. It can certainly expect to attract more of a crowd now that it is scientifically proven to be one of the best shorelines in the world.

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