IFI Horrorthon Line-Up Revealed + 5 Films to See at the Halloween Festival

IFI Horrorthon will return for its most exciting line-up ever from October 25th to 29th, opening with the Irish premiere of the J.J. Abrams-produced World War II action-horror Overlord.

Also, screening is the Irish premiere of Luca Guadagnino’s hotly-anticipated remake of Dario Argento’s Suspiria on Sunday 28th, starring Dakota Johnson, Chloë Grace Moretz and Oscar winner Tilda Swinton. On top of these hotly anticipated new thrillers, the festival will also welcome a number of high profile guests.

Famed Stephen King collaborator Mick Garris will take part in a Q&A following a screening of new anthology film Nightmare Cinema starring Mickey Rourke and featuring segments from filmmakers Joe Dante, Ryûhei Kitamura and David Slade. He will also introduce a screening of his adaptation of Stephen King’s Sleepwalkers.

Bestselling author John Connolly will launch his new book about Gene Martin’s 1972 film Horror Express, accompanied by a screening of the Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee classic, while renowned author Sir Christopher Frayling will give a talk on seminal horror Frankenstein novel, before a screening of Terence Fisher’s Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell.

‘This year’s festival is the biggest and most exciting in many a year. With so many tent-pole films to choose from, we are delighted to include everything a horror fan could want and more. Great films, great guests – this is one year you won’t easily forget!’ said Horrorthon spokesman Mick Fox in a statement.

Also scheduled to appear are directors Aislinn Clarke of new Irish Magdalene Laundries set film The Devil’s Doorway, and Adam Marcus of Secret Santa. Another Irish production, Killers Within from directors Paul Bushe and Brian O’Neill, will screen on Sunday 28th.

Perennial festival favourite, the Horrorthon Surprise Film, will return this year in its regular Sunday evening slot.

Below are some other highlights of the programme Travel Ireland Magazine recommend seeking out.

DOUBLE BILL – Road to Hell, Dir. Roberto D’Antona / The Tokoloshe, Dir.Jerome Pikwane

In keeping with the oldschool tradition of double features, one can see two movies – joined by some thematic material – for the price of one. In the Italian Road To Hell, thieves rescue and attempt to help a boy with a dangerous secret, while the South African The Tokoloshe sees a hospital cleaner trying to rescue a supernaturally endangered child.

Lust, Dir. Severin Eskeland

In this extreme Norwegian chiller, a famous writer who has isolated herself following a brutal assault by a crazed fan begins to unravel, convinced her attacker will strike again. Its timely theme of celebrity and violence against women makes Lust worth seeking out. Plus, former Scandi Horrorthon screening Frostbite back in 2006 was one of the most underrated movies to ever the play the festival.

Videoman, Dir. Kristian A. Söderström

Videoman is one for the true film fanatics. This comedy horror homage to the Italian sub-genre of gialli sees a distraught VHS collector working through his friends, trying to discover who has stolen his rare and extremely valuable tape of Lucio Fulci’s Zombie. The trailer available to watch online is delightful and the film features Mr. Robot’s Martin Wallström.

Piercing, Dir. Nicolas Pesce

From the director of The Eyes Of My Mother, one of last year’s best horror films, comes this adaptation of a Ryû Murakami novel, the writer who provided the material for Takashi Miike’s legendary chiller Audition.  A new father (Christopher Abbott – Girls, The Sinner) struggles with murderous urges, deciding to channel these impulses into murdering a prostitute (Mia Wasikowska – Crimson Peak, Jane Eyre). However, she has her own agenda.

One Cut of the Dead, Dir. Shin’ichirô Ueda

The set of a low budget horror film is invaded by real zombies, much to the delight of the director, who keeps shooting the mayhem. Already earning comparisons to classic comedies like Shaun of the Dead,  the movie features an audacious unbroken take of almost 40 minutes.

Individual tickets for Horrorthon films are on sale now in person at the IFI Box Office, by phone on 01-6793477, or online at www.ifi.ie/horrorthon. Multiple film deals are available priced at €45 for 5 films, or €80 for 10 films, while a range of passes ranging from one- to five-day passes are also on sale either in person at the IFI Box Office or by phone.


Thursday, October 25th
19.00 Overlord
21.15 What Keeps You Alive
23.10 Boar
23.15 All The Creatures Were Stirring
23.15 Camp Cold Brook

Friday, October 26th
13.00 The Cleaning Lady
14.50 Framed
16.30 Knuckleball
18.20 The Devil’s Doorway + Q&A
20.20 Nightmare Cinema + Q&A
23.00 Double Bill: Critters 2 / The Fly II + guest (TBC)
23.10 Double Bill: The Axiom / Living Space
23.20 Double Bill: Road to Hell / The Tokoloshe

Saturday, October 27th
13.00 Horror Express + guest
15.00 Wolfman’s Got Nards
17.00 Lifechanger
18.50 Secret Santa + guests
20.45 Anna and the Apocalypse
22.50 Book of Monsters + guests
23.00 Lady Frankenstein
23.10 Lust

Sunday, October 28th
13.00 Sir Christopher Frayling – On Frankenstein + Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell
16.00 St. Agatha
18.05 Surprise Film
20.20 Suspiria
23.00 The Dark
23.10 Killers Within + guest
23.20 Sleepwalkers + guest

Monday, October 29th
12.00 Short Film Showcase
14.00 Ravers
15.45 Videoman
17.40 Piercing
19.20 Await Further Instructions
21.10 One Cut Of The Dead

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