Helena Byrne – Tóraíocht Shonais

Helena Byrne’s new album Tóraíocht Shonais (Pursuit of Happiness) will be released this December 1st 2017.

Tóraíocht Shonais is a collection of stories and songs that illustrate the history of Irish emigration to the United States and Canada.

Ireland has a long history of emigration to the New World and Helena Byrne illustrates this beautifully with stories reaching back as far as the 1800s, right up to the present day, giving a great snapshot of Ireland of the 21st century in Ireland Now. The narrated stories are accompanied by 8 songs featuring Helena’s captivating, beautiful voice. While there are highlight tracks including folk classic Colcannon, along with Helena’s self-penned Your Waltz and Fly the album is best listened to as a whole. It runs in chronological order with each story following on from the last and this feature works beautifully on this album. Tóraíocht Shonais includes incredible stories of Irish emigration through the ages, emigration during the Great Famine, travelling on the Titanic, the Irish in the Wild West, John F. Kennedy’s visit to Ireland and many tales of the Irish experience of living in the New World. Particularly moving is No Irish Need Apply.

This album is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship and will be enjoyed by both the Irish diaspora family and those who simply have a love of Irish music and stories alike.

Helena is an accomplished vocalist and storyteller. For several years, she has combined her love of Irish folklore and passion for the performing arts, performing as a seanchaí (storyteller) for groups of all ages across Ireland. Akin to the travelling seanchaí of times past, Helena also performs regularly across the Atlantic, most recently performing for the Irish Ambassador to the U.S. in Washington D.C. Helena interweaves tales of Irish folklore and history, with traditional Irish songs and wonderful insights into an Ireland of days gone by. We hope you’re lucky enough to catch a performance, but if not be sure to pick up Tóraíocht Shonais (Pursuit of Happiness). You won’t be disappointed.



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