Galway Film Fleadh Winners Announced

Horror-comedy Extra Ordinary has taken home the Best Irish Film prize at the Galway Film Fleadh, while A Bread Factory picked up the Best International Film award.

On July 14, the 31st iteration of the festival came to a close after another year of Irish and international film premieres, screenings, workshops and discussions. The annual awards ceremony took place before the screening of the closing film Never Grow Old.

Extra Ordinary centres on a driving instructor (Maeve Higgins) who must use her supernatural gifts to help a lonely parent (Barry Ward). This is after his daughter is targeted by an aging rock star (Will Forte) hoping to use her for satanic sacrifice.

Meanwhile, A Bread Factory (pictured) follows Dorothea (Tyne Daly) and Greta (Elisabeth Henry) who 40 years ago transformed an abandoned bread factory in the sleepy town of Checkford into a vibrant arts space. It quickly became the heart of their local community, showcasing theatre, dance, music and film.

Suddenly their very existence is threatened as a suspicious big business celebrity couple with questionable motivations move into town and construct an enormous competitive arts venue, sucking up funding and audiences overnight.

Other noteworthy prize winners included Bainne, the debut short from Irish star Jack Reynor (Midsommar, Sing Street). A ghost story set during The Great Famine, it took home the Best First Short Drama prize. Meanwhile, TG4’s Irish language feature-length drama Finky picked up an award for Best Cinematography.

For the full list of prize winners, see below.

Best International First Feature
The Best of Dorien B.

Best International Documentary

Best International Film
A Bread Factory

Best International Short Documentary
After the Silence

Best International Short Animation

Best International Short Fiction

Best Human Rights Film in association with Amnesty International
For Sama

Don Quijote Award for Best Animated Short Film

Best Animated Sequence in A Short Film in Association with Brown Bag Films
Abe’s Story

The Donal Gilligan Award for Best Cinematography in a Short Film in association with Irish Society of Cinematographers
Rip to the Rescue!

The Best Short Documentary Award in association with Gresan na Mean Skillnet Training

The Best First Short Drama in association with Mazars

The Best First Short Animation Award
Archie’s Bat

The James Horgan Award for Best Animation
Streets of Fury

The Tiernan McBride Award for Best Short Drama in association with Network Ireland Television

Best Cinematography in an Irish Feature in association with Teach Solais

Pitching Award in association with 101 Films
What Would Rocky Do?

Best Marketplace Project Award in association with Bankside Films
Watermelon Seeds

Best Irish Documentary
Breaking Out

Best Irish First Feature in Association with Saffrey Champness
A Bump Along The Way

The Bingham Ray New Talent Award in Association With Magnolia Pictures

Lola Petticrew (A Bump Along The Way)

The Galway Hooker Award for Outstanding Achievement

  • James Schmaus
  • Ros Hubbard
  • Jon Hubbard

Best Irish Film in Association with Danu Media
Extra Ordinary

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