Father Ted Legends Come Together For dlr Mill Theatre Show

Joe Rooney and Patrick McDonnell, known for playing iconic Father Ted characters Father Damo and Eoin McLove, will unite for a show titled Culchie Warriors.

Being performed at Dundrum’s dlr Mill Theatre on September 13, the show brings together their two memorable characters from the classic Channel 4 sitcom. This is for a night of comedy, as well as a chance to compete in a “Lovely Girls” competition.

Father Ted starred Irish comedian Dermot Morgan as the titular character, a priest exiled on the fictional Craggy Island for various past incidents. He is trapped there alongside the younger simpleminded Father Dougal, older foul-mouthed alcoholic Father Jack and insane housekeeper Ms Doyle.

We followed Ted as he clashed with a whole host of eccentric characters including Father Damo – a ‘cool’ rebellious priest who acts like a stroppy teen – and Eoin McLove – a boyish, dimwitted but also slightly psychopathic Irish pop star. The series ran from April 21, 1995 to May 1, 1998, earning praise for its absurdist, surreal humour.

Rooney and McDonnell are also renowned stand-up comedians. Between them they have written and appeared in some of the most popular TV comedies of the last ten years including Naked Camera, Killinascully and The Savage Eye.

dlr Mill Theatre say to “expect improvised audience interaction, musical comedy, sketches and stand up” at Culchie Warriors.

Tickets cost from €15. For more information, see here.

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