Exploring Dublin’s Hidden Gems with DoDublin

Coming to Dublin for a weekend break or a longer holiday is an exciting time – lists to make, must see attractions, learning how best to travel around, and trying to find value for your visit.

For some people, there is also the desire to see the city like a local, do what the locals do, and go to the places the locals go.

DoDublin offer the quintessential Dubliner’s Guide to Dublin, and the perfect way to explore the city just like a Dubliner would. Dubliners born and raised, the DoDublin guides have an unrivalled understanding of their city, one which has been developed after years of growing up and living life in Dublin, and of course, driving the city buses around an ever-growing town. That’s correct, all DoDublin guides are Dublin Bus drivers, so they have been proud hosts of the city, and are grounded in the knowledge that no-one knows Dublin better.

So what does the local recommend? Although DoDublin guides love all the major attractions, and are especially proud that world-famous attractions such as Christ Church Cathedral, Guinness Storehouse, and Kilmainham Gaol are just a stone’s throw from where they played as children, they do have favourites (don’t we all?), and hidden gems they are only delighted to share with visitors to Dublin.

Near some of DoDublin’s most popular bus stops, you’ll discover a Dublin you haven’t heard about before. Here is DoDublin’s guide to what lies off the beaten track.

If you’re in the Guinness Storehouse, before you hop back on the bus, don’t forget that you’re in the Liberties, one of the most authentically Dublin places in the city. There are so many options for things to do in the Liberties, and it is an area that should be enjoyed by all guests of Dublin!

At one end of Temple Bar the Designer Mart on Cow’s Lane will be in full swing. After you’ve had a look at the beautiful jewellery, art and craft items on offer, you’ll learn about the history of Temple Bar and its cultural quarter.

It’s often overlooked that Dublin has a great supply of parklands and walking trails on its doorstep. Not far from the heart of the city, you can wander around the largest enclosed public park in Europe – the Phoenix Park. You may even see a deer or two – a herd live within the park.

Near Stop 17 on the DoDublin Tour, you’ll find Whitefriar Street and The Carmelite Church – a real oddity of Dublin is that the city is home to the relics of St. Valentine! Let us explain how it all happened… arriving courtesy of Irish Carmelite, John Spratt in 1836. He was gifted with the remains of St. Valentine by Pope Gregory XVI after delivering a particularly impressive sermon, that’s quite the bonus to get from your boss after a good performance at work. Unbelievably, the remains went into storage until the 1950s. They were then given a place of prominence and a shrine to St. Valentine was constructed in the church in the 1950s. Couples regularly drop by the church and ask Valentine to keep an eye on them during their lives together.

Did you know about the mummies in Dublin? That’s right, we said mummies! Check out St. Michan’s Crypt – close to the Jameson Distillery Bow Street (Stop 31 on the DoDublin Tour). The church contains five long burial vaults featuring the mummified remains of many of Dublin’s most prominent 17th, 18th and 19th century families. The church dates back to the year 1095. Due to limestone in the walls, this creepy underground space is the final resting place of the well-preserved remains of a 400-year-old nun (we didn’t want to sleep tonight anyway, thanks!), the Sheares Brothers – who took part in the rebellion of 1798, as well as various other Irish figures. The crypts are completely accessible, and though it’s not strictly allowed, if you dare, you can reach out and touch them! Not your usual afternoon activities, we’d wager!

Head to the coast and stroll around picturesque towns, discover hidden beaches or enjoy mesmerising cliff walks. Whether you want outdoor adventures, delicious seafood, unique shops, ancient houses or a stunning shoreline – the bay has it all.

Explore the Dublin you know, and the Dublin you don’t with DoDublin’s 72 hour travel and sightseeing card, and see the city through the eyes of a local.


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