ExploreGB | International Tour Operators Give Ireland The Thumbs Up

More than 200 top international buyers from 30 different countries heard about Ireland at ExploreGB 2019.

As part of its ongoing collaboration with VisitBritain, Tourism Ireland attended ExploreGB, VisitBritain’s flagship international event which took place May 8 -10 in Harrogate, Yorkshire. Visiting alongside some other Irish tourism companes, the two-day workshop involved a series of pre-scheduled, one-to-one appointments. These served to showcase Britain and Ireland to influential international buyers.

ExploreGB proved an ideal opportunity for Tourism Ireland to highlight the British-Irish Visa Scheme to buyers in attendance from China. The scheme enables Chinese travellers to visit both Ireland and the UK on a single visa of either country. Tourism Ireland also reminded buyers from the Middle East that Emiratis now enjoy visa-free travel to Ireland.

David Boyce, Tourism Ireland’s Head of Asia, Middle East and UK Inbound, said in a statement prior to the event: “We are really pleased to attend ExploreGB once again this year. The event provides another important platform for Tourism Ireland and our partners to showcase and sell Ireland to key international travel buyers.”

“We work closely with VisitBritain, particularly in long-haul markets like China. This is to target people travelling to Britain and to encourage them to visit Ireland as part of their trip, and vice versa.”

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