Don’t miss Bearing Witness at the GPO

To celebrate the first anniversary of GPO Witness History, the Visitor Centre will host a special photographic exhibition – Bearing Witness – by amateur photographer Wayne Smith. Wayne, who works in Customer Services, GPO,completed this project over an 18month period photographing the transformation of the GPO courtyard to the birth of GPO Witness History.
Every day on his lunch-break, Wayne documented the changes to the building and the people who were working on it. He described it as ‘bearing witness’ to the people who witnessed the building changing and evolving on a daily basis.
Wayne’s stunning project, comprising 22 photographs, will be exhibited in the Gallery of GPO Witness Historyfrom Friday, March 24 until Wednesday, March 29. Doors open from 9am to 4.30pm (10.00am at the weekend). There is no charge to enter the Bearing Witness exhibition.

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