Designer Exchange – Ireland’s leading designer accessories trader

Since opening its doors in October 2012, Designer Exchange has disrupted the designer accessories retail market. Having researched the market, recruited a strong team and ensured everyone was educated on all authenticity issues, Paddy Coughlan has created a retailer where dreams come true.

From the very first item they ever sold, a Louis Vuitton Speed 25 Classic Monogram, to the most expensive bag they have sold, a Hermes Birkin for €7,500, Designer Exchange has developed a solid reputation for quality, customer care and passion for selling handbags. The Designer Exchange team go to great lengths to ensure all their items are authentic, they issue their own certificates confirming this.

Trade Back is Designer Exchange’s retail philosophy, so how does it work? Simply it’s about looking at your purchase in a different way. Let’s say you buy a bag for €1000 that probably cost €1800 brand new. You decide after a year that you want to trade it back to Designer Exchange as you’ve seen a new one you’d like. They then give you, for example, €600 for it. You use the €600 against your next purchase, therefore your first purchase only cost you €400 for a full year of use. That boils down to €33 per month or just €8 a week!

Having worked with a similar concept in the video game and technology sector, owner Paddy was always asking himself where this concept would fit in another area of retail. From listening to his five sisters, his partner and with an extensive list of female friends, the consensus was that they wanted these luxury pieces but simply couldn’t or wouldn’t pay full price, but would have no issue purchasing if the item was at a fair pre-loved price. Designer Exchange concept was born! 

In a retail sector predominately aimed at women, what drives Paddy’s interest in handbags? Paddy says “Personally, as much as I love the traditional craft, especially the brands that pride themselves on hand-finished craft, I adore the romantic histories of the designers. From Louis Vuitton, humble beginnings and how each of the oldest fashion houses have evolved through the years. A bag is for everyone, but 10 inch stilettos aren’t. A bag or accessory no longer just completes a look, a look can be built around it. I’ve heard ladies say that they like to wear a colour, but they love to wear a particular bag. I love the joy I see when we make it possible for a lady to get her dream bag, something she may have thought unattainable until she could take part in our instalment plan and/or part exchange.”

Over 60% of Designer Exchange’s sales come via posts on social media. Many items are only minutes on the site when the store phone rings with a purchaser! In less than three years they have grown all their social channels to become their shop window.

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