Delve Into Irish History with the Thrilling and Exciting Vaults Live

Located at John’s Lane West, Merchant Quay, Dublin 8 – new tourist attraction Vaults Live takes visitors back in time.

The interactive theatrical show comprises of six stories focusing on the juiciest parts of Irish history. Attendees will find themselves right in the middle of the action which organisers say will thrill, excite, amaze and raise the hairs on the back of necks of all ages.

Famous Irish figures featuring in Vaults Live’s show include the Jekyll and Hyde-esque Molly Malone, who by day was an innocent fishmonger but when the sun went down was a lady of the night; author Bram Stoker, who in the show is seen searching for his creation Dracula after he escaped from his pages; and Oliver Cromwell, whose top torturer has his own exhibition at the tourist attraction. Each person is played by professional actors.

The scripts for Vaults Live have been written by award winning playwright Peter Sheridan who wants to “make every guest laugh and scream and send them away with an unforgettable insight into why we, the Irish, are the way we are”. Meanwhile, on the journey through the 4-floor Victorian schoolhouse in which Vaults Live take place, audiences will experience 360° sets, state of the art lighting, lavish costumes and special effects designed so that one loses themselves in the life and times of the characters.

An adult ticket costs €22. However, booking online gets you 20 per cent off.

For more details visit Vaults Live’s site here.

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