Petition Set Up to Save Well-Known Dublin Pub

The Cuckoo’s Nest pub on Greenhills Road, Tallaght, Dublin 24 is set to be demolished. Yet it seems that will not happen without a fight.

A petition set up by residents of the communities surrounding the location has attracted nearly 1000 signatures. Last year, it was reported the pub would be knocked down in order to make way for a new, smaller gastropub.

However, the petition states: “Recently a planning notice was erected on the pub outlining a planning application to develop 26no. Apartments on the limited site, which would mean knocking of the structure that means so much to many in the greater community.”

Titled ‘Save The Cuckoo’s Nest Pub’, the petition aims to highlight the importance of the structure to the South Dublin County Council and their planning authority. It notes that the pub has been on the site since 1739 and argues its been a significant part of the local community both from a social and historical point of view.

One can read, sign or sponsor the petition by following the link here.

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