Vintage Jewellery Store Courtville is a Cut Above

Matthew Weldon was born into the jewellery business. The owner of Courtville – a beautiful antique and vintage store in the Powerscourt Centre, Dublin 2 – he credits his ancestors with teaching him the ropes.

“My great grandfather started in 1890. Then there was my grandfather, another fantastic dealer. He died quite young so my grandmother took over in the 50s. Then my father joined in the 60s.”

Now 29, Weldon worked in the business for three years before taking over Courtville. Despite his age, he is committed to maintaining a physical presence while many are moving completely online.

“We have a traditional open-door policy and a phone we always answer. There’s no ‘please wait and then dial one.’ That old school service has been lost in many businesses as they become almost mechanical.” According to the owner, Courtville go above and beyond for their clients, even offering repairs. “I shudder thinking of having to book an appointment to get a ring sized. It’s so impersonal.”

Weldon though is also bringing a youthful vigour. “The internet and online selling are important. We use Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest. We post videos and blogs. On our website one can buy our jewellery. Each piece we sell online includes a full authenticity report from us, as well as an independent one.”

Courtville specialise in antique jewellery, avoiding newly mined materials. They buy from the public or source second hand products online, resulting in cheaper prices while being good for the environment.

“Antiques are the ultimate environmentally friendly goods. Diamonds last forever. Everyone knows that. Meanwhile, if someone buys a necklace new, they pay for the diamonds to be mined, polished, shipped, delivered, the necklace to be made, the diamonds mounted – all labour costs added to the value of the jewellery. With us, you just pay for the jewellery itself.”

Weldon adds: “Old rings were handmade so each is slightly different. People don’t want something the same as someone else. When you buy from us, you know it’s the one and only, unlike modern jewellers.”

Proving his point, he highlights a beautiful ring in his shop window: “This costs only €2,750. It’s got rose cut diamonds which are extremely rare – 2 carats with a lovely gold shank.” Meanwhile, for those with modern tastes, Courtville also has jewels to impress. “I have Tiffany earrings bought in that store for €7,700 according to the client who sold them to us. We’re selling them at €2,950.”

Speaking to Weldon, it’s clear he loves his work: “Before I was an accountant working in audit and liquidation for KPMG. While the training is fantastic and really stands to me in the business world, often, you’re around people not at their best. Courtville customers are always having fun. We love that and realise we are giving them something special – an instant heirloom and a moment to treasure”

For more about Courtville, visit here.

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