Belfast Hidden Tours

Tourism is finding its feet well and truly in Belfast over the past two decades.  As we approach the 20th anniversary of the Good Friday Peace Agreement, there’s a sea of change and positivity in the historic and unique city of Belfast.

Belfast Hidden Tours is at the front in promoting and showcasing the brilliant history and culture our city has to offer. Our walking tours delve into the hidden history of Belfast and visit interesting artists, historians and trades people that add to the experience. From the formation of the United Irishmen to the anti-slavery movement there is a lot for the city to be proud of.

No visit to Belfast should miss a trip to one of our lively pubs. With their live show ‘The Belfast Story’, Belfast Hidden Tours use local Irish dancers, musicians and narrators to tell the story of Belfast through song, poems, dancing and storytelling in some of the city’s favourite pubs.

Belfast Hidden Tours pride themselves in giving a balanced and positive impression of Belfast to their visitors.They are putting together a Peace Walls tour this summer with local photographer Frankie Quinn that will give visitors a great overview of the Peace Walls.




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