Artform Painting Holiday in Dunmore East

Culture is at the heart of many destinations and none more so than Dunmore East, Waterford where the Foyle family preside over The Strand Inn. There is no better way to understand an area than through its food, music, history and art. The sea provides an instant inspiration and has long bewitched many visitors.

Artform is a hands-on painting holiday with workshops and a stay can range from 2- 5 days. The Foyle family is launching the venture this autumn. The Foyle family are artists and collectors and they believe that painting is more than just colour. It is about expanding your techniques, having an environment where creativity can flourish, using different styles and more importantly sharing laughter, feedback, good food and a glass of wine after a day of capturing incredible surroundings.

Guests will have the opportunity over a 16-week programme to select an artist that appeals to them and to experiment under his or her watchful eye. 16 leading Irish and International artists will have a weekly residency in Dunmore East. From watercolours, acrylics and oils to pastels and pencils art can now flourish in breathtaking surroundings. Professional artists, lifelong painters and local artists are invited to help guests fill their canvas, learn new skills, and create a canvas for life. Artform will allow guests to sit, breathe and appreciate a view as they learn to paint the contrasting landscapes of where the sky meets the sea in perfect light in Ireland’s Ancient East.

Dunmore East looks forward to inspiring you.


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