Animal Magic at Gallery Zozimus

This May Gallery Zozimus present a ceramic exhibition entitled Animal Magic. Two of England’s most respected sculptors, Ostinelli & Priest, will exhibit for the first time in Ireland at this show.

The aim and purpose of the work is to delight and inform through its presence and character. The work has now become very collectable, generating both national and international interest particularly in America. The work has been involved in exhibitions in China with work also being sent to New Zealand, Paris, Denmark, Brazil, France and Italy. The work has also been shortlisted for The David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of The Year award.

The working partnership which is Ostinelli & Priest flourishes and develops simply because the balance of understanding between the two makers/artists/ceramicists continues to create work that pleases and inspires. The subjects chosen by Ostinelli & Priest remain unchanged for the moment, although diversity of animal breeds that are the subjects never stops growing due to the incredible number of breeds available.

The exhibition opens on May 3rd and runs until May 31st. There will be an artist’s talk on the opening night.

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