5 Films to See at IndieCork

Following the full festival line-up announcement, Travel Ireland give you the lowdown on the films to see at this year’s IndieCork taking place from the 7th to 14th of October.

Waking the Witch, Dir Neill O’Driscoll –  Sunday 7th

Continuing Ireland’s horror renaissance (A Dark Song, The Hallow, Without Name) is this new coming of age thriller. Tormented by a recent trauma, teenager Marianne finds solace spending time with her uncle and his artist friends in a small town in rural Ireland. Working towards a performance based upon the historical account of ‘the last witch burned in Ireland’, Marianne is introduced to the story of local woman Bridget Cleary, cruelly murdered by her husband and his accomplices in 1895. Moved by claims that Bridget had been abducted by fairies and her body replaced with a changeling, Marianne finds herself immersed in a fictional narrative of apparition and escape. Faced with the realisation that the world is not as it seems, Marianne grapples with new-found identities and a seemingly inexplicable inner strength with potentially catastrophic consequences. Having its world premiere at IndieCork, writer-director Neill O’Driscoll will be in attendance at the screening.

Good Favour, Dir. Rebecca Daly – Tuesday 9th

From arguably Ireland’s finest female filmmaker, this atmospheric religious parable centres on a wounded, desperate teenager who stumbles upon a devout Christian village where he is nursed back to health. Nobody knows where he has come from and whether he is a force for good or for evil. While the women and children are
curious but generally welcoming, some of the village’s men are more cautious. Similarly, the newcomer starts to discover the community’s darker secrets, slowly opening them up. Having screened at ADIFF earlier this year, Travel Ireland Magazine recommends seeking out this slow but strangely unsettling and haunting film which plays like an artsy take on M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village. If that has you curious, Daly is also running a directing workshop on Sunday 7th as part of IndieCork.

Kubrick by Candlelight, Dir. David O’Reilly – Friday 12th

Included in the first programme of Irish short films screening at the festival is this delightful 17 minute fiction detailing a romance between an Irish peasant extra and an English assistant on the set of Stanley Kubrick’s Irish shot masterpiece Barry Lyndon. Filled with winking nods to Kubrick’s filmography, gags about candle scams and a sweet central couple, the film is a cinefiles dream. Meanwhile, for those not in Cork, it is available to stream on RTE Player for a limited time.

Pity, Dir. Babis Makridis – Friday 12th

This Greek deadpan comedy centres on a middle-aged lawyer who feels happy only when he is unhappy and is addicted to sadness. When his wife re-emerges from a long-lasting coma, he concocts increasingly elaborate ways to try to regain what he misses most: the pity of others. Co-writer Efthymis Filippou collaborated with Yorgos Lanthimos in the writing of The Lobster, and The Killing of a Sacred Deer, both part of the blossoming new Greek weird wave movement, in which tragedy unfolds into comedy and morbidity becomes lighthearted.

Daughter of Mine, Dir. Laura Bispuri – Sunday 14th

Nominated for the Golden Bear at the 2018 Berlin Film Festival, Daughter of Mine centres on Vittoria, a young girl in Sardinia, Italy torn between her birth mother, a chaotic young woman, and the doting guardian who has raised her and given her a secure life. Upon discovering her birth mom, the child’s sheltered existence becomes in danger as she is fascinated by the wild nature of the woman she so resembles. Starring the Italian actress and Hollywood leading lady Valeria Golino, as well as German legend Udo Kier, this critically acclaimed drama gets its Irish premiere at IndieCork – closing out the festival.

For the full list of films and events at IndieCork, click here.

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