O’Gorman’s Cottage Condiments

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Blink as you drive through the tiny village that is Brosna near Birr in Co. Offaly and you will miss driving by O’Gormans Cottage Condiments. The only giveaway will be the delicious scent wafting from the cottage as another batch of something beautiful is cooked. At O’Gormans Cottage, they love to invent new and tasty preserves, relishes, chutneys and jellies.

One of their firm favourites supplied to the best and busiest establishments is their wonderful Rose Jelly – a divine match for Pate, Cheese and of course Chocolate. The Black Cherry Surprise is another popular product and they make all the old favourites too! They will be at the Tullamore Show on Sunday 14 August and The Ploughing Championships in September. Contact us by email or on Facebook if you would like to try their produce or stock it at your venue.

Brosna Village, Birr, Co. Offaly
TEL: 086 069 1914